Pony time

Up to now, my life has always been dominated by 'horses'.

I was born on June 24, 1997 and ride from my fourth horse. Like many, I started on a manegepony. I was infected immediately, my old horse virus resurfaced with my father and he agreed to my big wish: Ninja, my first own pony! Then I had my mind set on a black Shetland and Spirit was completely in the taste. Not only because of his looks but also because he gave me the necessary prizes and ribbons. With my Welsh ponies Milton and Amethyst I gained experience in the classes L and M, and with Casje already I quickly became Z2, became Zeeland reserve champion M2, Z1 and Z2 and I rode with him on the Hippiade. Isarco brought me to national and international competitions and with Renaldo BB I was included in the national dressage framework in 2011 - 2012.

With Voltago I was also in the national dressage framework and I expanded my experience in the national and international rings and celebrated the necessary successes.

With him I ended my pony time and in 2013 I switched to the horses.

Stable mare on grand prix level and saddle fitter

In 2016 I got my havo diploma and could then fully focus on the horses.

The choice to work as a stable mare at the Hexagon stables has led me to sell my Light Tour horse Wodan (by Osmium). I sat with him in the junior-frame and was also well on the way with the Young Riders with various frame scores.

At the Hexagon stables, I trained horses, made them ready for sale and I very successfully brought horses out on a competition.

In April 2017 I drove my first Grand Prix successfully.

In June 2018 I took on a new challenge, again stable rider but also the complete management of Macrider stables. Here I do the same as what I already did at Stal Hexagon, training horses and preparing sales at all dressage levels.

In addition, I am active as a saddle fitter and advisor and I offer Macrider saddles and products in the Netherlands and Belgium. For more information, please visit



Milton tijdens een demonstratie

Milton 2008 

wodan 2014

wodan 2014

Ziezo 2015

spirit 2003

Spirit 2003

voltage pompadour cdi 2012

Voltago 2012

Hexagon's Certainy Grand Prix 2017

Hexagon's Certainy Grand Prix 2017