Formerly as a stable rider at the Hexagon stables, I trained horses and competed for the Grand Prix.
That horses that I took under my care often found a new owner quickly I consider a great compliment!

In June 2018 it was time for a new challenge and I started as a stable rider and manager at Macrider stables.

As a saddle fitter and advisor I offer Macrider saddles and products in the Netherlands and Belgium, see

What can I do for you ?

dressage class

dressage classes up to Grand-Prix level

saddle advice

saddle advice from practice


from your horse to Grand Prix level

on competition

Releasing your horse at competitions
also for pavo and ibop

to and sale mediation

of dressage horses


a neutral view of a horseyou want to make purchases..

Hexagon's certainty  
Grand-Prix 2017

Mac rider's Z.O.Z.
Young riders 2017

Don Fabio
Grand-Prix 2017